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03 May 2009 @ 05:12 pm
Review for Top 8 night!

01. Danny Gokey
Stand By Me
So at first I didn't recognize the song at all. I hated how he changed it up because I hated the arrangement. Which just throws his whole performance off of me. His vocals were actually really nice in this, I like that part. I still like Archie's version the best though.

02. Kris Allen
All She Wants To Do Is Dance
haha. It looks like Kris took some advice from Matt last time to perform in the crowd. That's cute. Uhm, I'm actually not familiar with the song at all but I thought he did a good job. I'm not crazy about it but I love his voice. <33 This was probably one of my least favourite performances of his. I still think he did an okay job of it though.

03. Lil Rounds
What's Love Got To Do With It
UGH. As the weeks kept rolling, Lil keeps getting worst and worst. >.< I didn't think this was as bad as the last round but I do think that this was very average. There was just no spark. It's like she singing this at a hotel lounge or something. Just simply boring and average. Hated the song choice too.

04. Anoop Desai
True Colours
YES Anoooooooooooooooop!! <33 This was probably one of my favourite performances of his. He picked the right song and he sung it brilliantly and with emotion. Yes, he is very good at ballads--- but only if he picks the right song and this was one of them. I loved this so much. The studio recording is amazing too. Very beautiful.

05. Scott MacIntyre
The Search Is Over
So Scott decided to not use the piano but instead chose to use the guitar. Interesting. I honestly couldn't care for his vocals in this but I loved his guitar playing. I don't know but his whole performance just felt so off.. I don't think he was on pitch. Near the end when he goes to hit that high note, I thought it was very screechy, it felt so wrong. I didn't like it at all. >.<

06. Allison Iraheta
I Can't Make You Love Me
Whoooooooooo. It's about time that the rocker chic started to slow things down. I love the soft side of Allison. This was a very nice performance. I just love it so much. She show a lot of range through it. And it's weird to see the rocker girl singing a country song. lol Versatile dude!! :P This was a really cool one from her. Oh and her vocals were really nice throughout her whole performance too.

07. Matt Giraud
Part-Time Lovers
LOL @ the show going to run over time when there's still one more performance left. Anyways, a lot of people were gushing over this and I'm like.. "okay.." It was good but I really couldn't care for it. I thought he did better the last round. Yes, he sung it well, but I just felt like everything was awkward. lol It was okay. The judges and I never agree on Matt. haha

08. Adam Lambert
Mad World
STANDING OVATION... FROM SIMON!!! :o YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam pretty much wiped away the whole night. This was the definition of PHENOMENAL! Everything about this performance was perfect. His vocals were amazing, so haunting at the beginning, then he got a bit aggressive, then very emotional. I love it. He is fcking awesome. <3333333333 I just have to say, listening back to it, it's sounds a little funny because when I heard it first on TV I loved it and nothing was wrong with it. Now, it feel like it's been tweaked a bit. Anyways, the recording of this is AMAZING too. OMGGG. One of my favs. <3333

1. Adam Lambert
2. Allison Iraheta
3. Anoop Desai
4. Danny Gokey
5. Kris Allen
6. Matt Giraud
7. Scott MacIntyre
8. Lil Rounds
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