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08 April 2009 @ 08:28 pm
So last week the Top 10 finalist went Motown and what a ride this was.
Review is under the cut.

01. Matt Giraud
Let's Get It On
So Matt gets to open up the night. I didn't find this that bad at all, I just found it was a bit forgettable. I don't know, but he just doesn't stand out to me, he's always the one that I forget. Although, he has really strong vocals here and gosh does he sound like JT here too.

02. Kris Allen
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
LOL. It's funny how Kris has never gotten to perform in the bottom half. He was 3rd last week and now he's 2nd. Anyways, Kris has probably declared to be my 2nd favourite guy this season. This was one awesome performance by him and it's nice to see him with his guitar again. His vocals were amazing. He's definitely growing on me.

03. Scott MacIntrye
You Can't Hurry Love
BLAHHH. How he made the Top 13 is beyond me but how he made Top 10 is ridiculous. I will never get Scott and I will never will. His voice just sounds so horrible in this. I can also hear some pitch problems when he was striving to go higher. It's like he has one of those voices that belongs in a karaoke bar or hotel lounge.

04. Megan Joy
For Once In My Life
UGHH. MEGAN WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? :'( Clearly, I thought this was the wrong song for her. It doesn't fit her at all and I felt like she was really struggling to perform this well, unfortunately it didn't go as well. :( I agree with Kara that she should have sang, "My Guy", I think that would have really worked for her. Other than that, she looked STUNNING that night and I loved her hair. <3 Boo at Simon saying she was in trouble after that.

05. Anoop Desai
Ooh Baby, Baby
Clearly, this is a perfect vocal; we all know that he sang it well BUT, I wouldn't call this the best performance of the night because I thought it was also boring. It's good but I wouldn't adjust listening to the studio version for 3-4mins of it. And it was good that he toned it down but still, it was really boring; he could have picked another ballad and it wouldn't have been this boring.

06. Michael Sarver
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
One of my favourite Motown songs and my least favourite contestant had to go pick it. GRRR. Uhmm, this isn't the best version I've heard. This was just NOT good at all, I thought he was off pitch a bunch of times and it just sounded like an overall mess. >.<

07. Lil Rounds
So whoever picked her outfit should be fired. Seriously, that is the most hideous thing I've seen. Anyways, I thought her performance was average. I honestly don't see anything special in Lil. To me, she's LaKisha 2.0-- nothing unique to her, except she's a diva and she can belt. Borrring. I didn't care for this performance at all.

08. Adam Lambert
Tracks Of My Tears
So hearing this the first time I thought it was a bit boring-- like Anoop's. BUT hearing this again, it really was an amazing performance. His vocals were absolutely flawless and MYGAWD, that falsetto of his-- FANTABULOUS. <3 This was pretty much THE performance of the night. Adam is like in a completely different league then everyone.

09. Danny Gokey
Get Ready
Oh gawd. He is Taylor Hicks 2.0 Sure, he's got the pipes but I agree with Simon that this was really clumsy and amateur-ish. This is what you would see in a karaoke bar. This wasn't one of his best at all. It was too much all over the place.

10. Allison Iraheta
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
So there's no double that Allison blew this performance out of the waters but I just preferred David Hernandez's version better. But yeah, I can't deny that she was one of the Top 2 best performances of the night. She's getting better and better, I won't be surprised if she makes the finale by now. She is truly the dark horse. Watch out for her, everyone! lol

1. Adam Lambert
2. Allison Iraheta
3. Kris Allen
4. Anoop Desai
5. Megan Joy
6. Matt Giraud
7. Danny Gokey
8. Lil Rounds
9. Scott MacIntyre
10. Michael Sarver